Quality Control Jobs

Quality Control Scope :

Quality control professionals work in a wide variety of industries, from automobile manufacturing to food production. Depending on the industry, they may visually inspect or manually test products, before, during, or after the manufacturing process. Experts may also run and monitor inquiry equipment, as well as record and investigate quality data. Here at our institution, you get the each and everything about the Quality control jobs in Pune. You learn here about the responsibility of quality control professionals so that you can do your job perfectly.

Quality control professionals may perform their duties in a huge number of fields, such as a workstation, assembly line, laboratory, or a quality control department. They may have to stand for hours at a time or perform their duties seated in a controlled environment. In many industries, quality inspectors work in shifts and overtime may be required during heavy manufacturing periods.

Learn the task of Quality control jobs in Pune

  • Examine, inquire, and sample materials or assembled parts or products for defects and variations from blueprints.
  • Observe and monitor production operations and equipment to ensure conformance to specifications and make or order necessary process or assembly adjustments.
  • Discuss investigation results with those responsible for products, and suggest necessary corrective actions.
  • Discard or reject products, materials, and equipment not meeting specifications.

Professional organizations and associations offer certification for professionals in the quality control field. For example, the American Society for Quality has a variety of certifications, including quality inspection, quality auditing, process analysis, and reliability. Certification typically requires a skills assessment examination, professional experience, and coursework in quality control. Get the best learning for Quality control jobs in Pune.

These degree programs provide an in-depth knowledge of quality control procedures and practices. Coursework in these programs may include cost analysis, statistical control, testing procedures, and material quality. While there are a few programs available in quality control or quality assurance, most programs at this level specialize in a specific field, such as environmental engineering, manufacturing management, and technology management.

Coursework in a general quality assurance program can include technical documentation, electrical measurements, metrology, failure analysis, and statistical methodology. Quality control fundamentals are discussed, and some programs prepare students for the professional certification. Coursework can include drafting, blueprint reading, and algebra.

Eligibility -
 ■ Engineering Graduates
 ■ Engineering Diplomas
Interview Techniques -
 ■ Softskill Training & Grooming
 ■ Resume Writing
 ■ Technical Aptitude
 ■ Group Discussion & Mock Interview.

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