Salary of Maintenance Engineers In India!

The plant operations of a large building are observed by the facility maintenance engineer like government facility, hospital, corporate headquarters, or all buildings governed by the government department or business. The building maintenance job profile at the senior level looks after the problems of the structure and avoids the problems related to the maintenance.  You need to consider the following things like venting, heating and air conditioning units, building maintenance, carpentry, plumbing etc are other works of a maintenance engineer.

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Job Description

You need to spend time as a facility maintenance engineer by working on various orders, observing system stats and scheduling maintenance, emerging situations must be taken into account like roof leak, security system problems or basement flooding. There are lots of contracts who look at very big niche repairs or large scale repairs like electrical work but it is necessary for you to find the work needed, who to use for repairs, supervise the work in progress and sign-off on completed projects. Self-working is encouraged if you are working for a smaller facility. There are lots of specialized tools which can be used by following building codes and safety protocol in the Maintenance work.

Education Requirements

It would be great to acquire a bachelor’s degree in the field of construction management, engineering or facilities planning, and management for assisting a facility maintenance engineering job but it is not required always. There are lots of private and public jobs that depend on the experience of a minimum of three years and certification in various areas of responsibility like HVAC repair or plumbing. There are lots of HVAC and other certifications that are given at the technical college level or community that is required for various courses to complete, you may need an associate’s degree, while completing your studies.


There are lots of industries where facility maintenance engineers actually work with. From tech giants to public safety facilities to nursing homes, all big corporations and buildings need few in charge of repairs and upkeep. The operations manager receives the job reports of the company as per the required expenditures and budgeting for repairs.

Years of Experience and Salary

There is no fixed salary for the maintenance engineer and it actually depends on the type of work.  For instance, a hotel engineer salary is about 80K per annum whereas university-related projects pay around 1 lac.

Job Growth Trend

The outlook for maintenance engineers are monitored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics but there is an expectation of steady growth between 2016 and 2026.

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